Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sharing Knowledge: Rule of 3rds

Ok. When I started this blog, I was aiming to impart some wisdom as far as taking good pictures goes. I was hoping to talk about techniques, some basic, like Rule of Thirds, and other things I've picked up along the way. Truth is though, I wouldn't know where to start. I wouldn't know what to call whatever technique I used to cover so-and-so's wedding or take product shots for our little business. I guess I'm more of an applied-photography sort of guy. Not to say that I don't know anything. I just don't know what to call them, or if it's even a technique at all. I just know I learned it from somewhere, from someone, and when I tried it by myself, it worked.

This is my first attempt at sharing something almost everyone knows. :) If it's at all helpful, please do say so. Comments welcome.

Rule of Thirds
Ok. This particular rule, for the uninitiated (if there are any out there reading this blog) is a rule of thumb for composition. It states that an image can be divided into 9 equal parts using two equidistant horizontal lines and two equidistant vertical lines. The four points where the lines intersect (and the lines themselves) can be used to align subjects in the or features of the photo. Supposedly, when this is done, the image is more balanced.

In the picture to your right, I tried composing the picture using just that technique. I placed Irvin, the father's eye in the upper left power point, and Haley in or at least close as I could to that bottom right point. I think the picture came out pretty well.


chuvanez said...

Yes it did come out pretty well. And the great thing about digital photography is that one can edit a photo to fit your rule of thirds quite easily.

jace_bu said...

:) that's true. there are times when composing the photograph might be a little difficult because of the situation, but there's you can always edit after the fact.

And just because you don't follow the rule, it doesn't mean that your photograph isn't good or balanced. When it works, it just works!

Ligaya said...

Rule of thirds!

Haha, just missed my mass comm days. XD

Anonymous said...

Seriously, thats great, you see these phrases bandied about and think 'eh? am I missing something here?' - so, THANKS!