Tuesday, June 1, 2010

PP: Tuesday Motorcycle Diary >> Further North

Despite today's early precipitation, I was determined to get back on two wheels, having taken a week off. The week before I did have an adventurous Tuesday, though that was done on 4 wheels. I decided to retrace my steps / tracks on two. Took maybe twice the time, seeing as I had to take McArthur instead of the NLEX but it wasn't that bad.

Given the weather, and the fact that friends in the city, who were in the south, were telling me not to venture down there because of slick roads, I decided to go North. Trip took me through Marilao, Bocaue, Balagtas, Guiguinto, Plaridel, Balagtas, and Pulilan. Didn't stop to take photos of all that though. I should one of these days.

Had to stop by the post office first though. :) picked up my new toy... or rather a replacement for something that was part of my original arsenal. My test shots in the field didn't turn out too well so took some shots using it and of it.

Photos from the trip:

a flock of... um... whatever they are. Roadside in Plaridel

the man on the street trying to sell his penguin-dolphins. 

had to take a pee break at Waltermart, Plaridel... why, oh why "Aserehe"?

Robinsons Pulilan

saw this inside. for the bachelor with no actual furniture...


bought one of these suction-cup monopods. as you can see it can carry quite a weight. I have plans for you my pretty.

self-portrait courtesy of said monopod and my new old friend...

the remote control.

$4 free shipping. :)