Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Random Bathroom Phone Photos

Random bathroom photos from several phones, over a couple of years. Haha. Wala lang.

I find the shape... well, awkward. shoot ka dyan.

at the Rufo's toilet

SM Annex men's room... the little sign says...


PP: Tuesday Motorcycle Diary >> A different road home (with some food photos ARMY NAVY burger and burritos)

I apologize for not being able to be as regular as I'd want to be with regard to updating the blog and with the Tuesday Motorcycle photo diary. Life happened. Work happened. Oh well.

I was, however, able to ride this Tuesday, May 18, 2010.

I accompanied my brother to get PNP clearance for his XRM. Didn't take photos there though. It was actually pretty hot, out. A pain to ride around specially mid day.
Afterwards I wound up going to the (Picture Company) Podium store, which I once called home, to do some stuff for work. Helped me cool off too. Then made my way to SM North Annex, where I now stay during office hours. While I spent part of the off day partially working, I was still able to treat myself to a good hearty meal at Army Navy, and a different route home.

On a friend's recommendation, and in search of a good burger, I tried eating at the Army Navy Burger and Burrito place in the Skygarden of SM North Edsa. Ordered myself a double burger, with additional cheese and bacon, plus an order of fries with cheese dip, and a large iced tea. All in all, a good meal to be sure. Photos courtesy of my (formerly dad's) Palm Treo.

Army Navy sign from the table I was seated at

their menu board

very thinly cut fries, good in themselves (cheese dip for gratuitousness)

A double burger is 2 quarter pound patties, with lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles
the cheese and bacon were gratuitous. 

After all that (unnecessary) nutrition, the inevitable ride home had to be undertaken. I wanted to shake things up and try a route that I've not taken. I've never really even taken it via 4 wheels, I wanted to try it out on two. Passed through Mindanao avenue, and basically just followed the road and the flow of traffic.

following the signs home

fiesta left-overs

par kay Nico

For the day, the wanderlust in me was satiated. If only for awhile.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Elections May 10, 2010: God Help Us All

I didn't intend today to be a particularly photo intensive day. Honestly, I know I was lax in the past week (with regard to the Motorcycle Photo diary thing, give me a break! I had to work on my off day), and I haven't exactly been able to make up for that = no off since, well, April.

Today though marks another turning point in history, you might put it. Electronic polling machines were introduced to the polling process. You basically followed the same steps I put down in a previous election entry. The only difference being your ballots get scanned by the Picos Machine, which basically allows for a quicker tabulation of votes. No photos were allowed within the polling stations however.

The experience was quite long and hot. Considering we got there at 7:45 AM, we wound up leaving the place at 9:30 or so. Most of that time was spent waiting in line under the hot sun. Voting itself took about maybe 5 to 10 minutes max.

the line ahead of us

the line behind us

Sweat Stained

We went to Subway at the Petron gas station approaching Marilao NLEX exit to take advantage of their Election Buy One Take One (B.O.T.O.) promo. That took about an hour as well. Took most of the photos there... well, take a look at why. Yum.

extra protein