Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nice Name for an Auto Salon

I've driven past this place plenty of times. I took a photo once, but somehow deleted it. I'm sure it's not the first of its kind, name-wise, but it's the first of its kind locally I think. I wonder what else is on their menu...

PP: Tuesday Motorcycle Diary >> Where the road took me: Marcelo H. Del Pilar Shrine

This afternoon's trip was, perhaps, by far the free-est ride I've done on a Tuesday. There was no plan, there was no destination, just the road, my ride, my camera and me. Granted it would've been a longer ride if I'd left early, but I constrained myself to the few hours in the mid afternoon til evening because of the fact that I just didn't want to spend the day dehydrated, under the relentless sun and sweltering heat.

I decided that, since most of the places I went to were in the south, to try exploring northward. Spurred on by several rider's quotes I found online (specifically this one: Young riders pick a destination and go.. Old riders pick a direction and go), I did just that. I rode until I found some signs pointing to places I've never been. I found myself in Bocaue, then in Balagtas, and finally at Marcelo H. Del Pilar's shrine. 

After tentatively going around the first floor of the empty (of people) museum, and electing not to check out the library (aklatan) upstairs, I decided to walk about outside and take photos of the statue and what have you. After which I made my way home, but decided to get a haircut from an "exotic barber" -- in this case, I mean it as just a stranger.

Trip details:
KMs traveled: 18kms, to Marcelo H. Del Pilar shrine.
Camera: Olympus C-5000z

Four wheels move the body; two wheels move the soul.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

PP: Tuesday Motorcycle Diary >> UP Los Banos

Ok, again it was mostly about the ride than any photos. Decided to pack the c-5000z instead of the e410 because I knew the ride was going to be tough. Besides which I didn't want to pack too much weight as I knew I was going to be adding weight to the bike when I got there (choco milk from the Philippine Carabao Center).
Suffice it to say that I left at 8AM, got to UPLB at roughly 11:45 AM, in the heat of the morning sun, and boy was it hot. The trip was dehydrating and suffocating, what with all the smoke all this riding is exposing me to, but enjoyable too. All those banking turns up and down the mountain (taken at safe speeds of course). The trip back was faster and, in a way, more fun since I was riding with my brother. Just a couple of photos.

I took a similar shot when i brought the xrm up to LB. Just thought I'd take one for the wave.
Extra pa si kuya guard.

if you notice, makalat sa bottom left of the shot. sorry. wala akong walis.

lunch was at Binalot, courtesy of my brother, as pictured above

when smoke gets in your eyes... and on your face, and on your neck...

Where will next Tuesday bring me I wonder... I haven't been to the Manila Ocean park yet...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

PP: Tuesday Motorcycle Diary >> SPLASH ISLAND

The 2nd entry into this Tuesday Motorcycle Diary is my "epic" solo trip to Splash Island!

Ok, first off I'm happy I even got there. Hahaha. Secondly, I realize that it would've been more fun if I weren't alone. :) Having said that, I also add a disclaimer: I don't think any of this particular trip's photos is artsy-fartsy or even decently pretty. Most of, if any at all, of the photos and video that I shot is basically a sort-of retelling of the experience. And, let's face it, I only made up this personal project to give me an excuse to ride ride ride. :D Due to distance considerations and the fact that I was going to get wet, I opted to bring the Olympus C-5000z with me, together with the underwater casing. Here are select photos and videos. :)

Videos first. Photos to follow. :)

The Big Bam Boo

The Tausug Trails

King Pilipit

... And shot in reverse

Magellan's Drop

Trip summary:
Departed at 12pm, traveled 65 odd KMs, arrived at roughly 2:45pm. Parking was 40 php, paid 400 for entrance, rented 2 lockers for my stuff (100 pesos), ate 90 pesos worth of park-approved food, lost 10 pesos in one of the rides (coins slipped out of my pocket). Went to as many of the attractions as I could, and rode them more than once if possible. Did NOT pee in any of the pools. Left at around 5:15, took some photos on the way home of interesting stuff (which you will see posted soon), and suffered through so much muffler smoke on the way home. Took a rest stop at fort to catch my breath and rode straight afterward. Arrived at home at 8:45 PM.

1.) Leave earlier. -- I could've but I was wary of the dark sky looming in the direction of the south.
2.) Pack lighter. -- as it was I brought a couple of things I wound up not needing.
3.) Bring a friend. -- it's not as fun alone as it is with others.
4.) I CAN DO IT!!! Hahaha!

04.20.10 updates: Pictures

Magellan's drop

Big Bam Boo

Sana lang

Sto. Nino de Cebu

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Personal Project: A Tuesday Motorcycle Photo-Diary

As most of you might know, I like to ride my bicycle, I like to ride my bike... :)

My Honda Wave 125

Well, motorcycle anyway. I love the freedom that the meeting of two wheels and a road provides. It offers me an economical mode of transportation and a rush at the same time. For weeks now I've been trying to think of a way to marry this passion for riding with the passion for photography that this blog is dedicated to (come to think of it, much like Clay Enos does when he's on the road with his Vespa).

I've been toying around with the idea of taking my days off and going on the road to places I've never been to or at least been to rarely, or maybe even haven't been to in a long time, and taking photos there. Anything and anywhere really, just to get my on the road to some place.

Lately though, such an undertaking has been impeded by the many errands I am periodically tasked to perform, not to mention the heat that this summer is gifting the world with. Yesterday however, I decided that, even though half the day was gone and the summer sun was pounding the afternoon with near unbearable heat, I would still go out on two wheels and see how far I could go and what pictures I would take.

Initially, I wasn't going to go very far. My first stop was at a cousin's gym to pop in and say hello. Sadly he wasn't there, and no photos were taken. I hope to remedy this soon.

My 2nd stop was for a massage (I thought I deserved one after all). You betcha by golly no photos were taken there.

I tried to catch the sunset at the Mall of Asia but I had so much fun trying to find the right spot to stop at, I missed it when I finally parked. Here are a couple of the photos I snapped anyway when I got there.

the fountain by the baywalk

a super pan shot of the pier

two of the essentials for the ride

Not a bad showing when you think about it, but since I was keen on taking sunset photos, it still doesn't meet my expectations for myself.

A couple of key learnings though:
1.) pack the right lens. -- I actually didn't have any real plans as to where I was going so I decided to just pack light, and brought the E410 and the 28mm manual OM lens. Could've brought the 50mm though. Will do so next time.
2.) plan ahead. -- this always helps.
3.) bring more water. -- one bottle isn't quite enough.
4.) keep shooting. -- just like Clay says (and he's fast becoming a more influential inspiration for my photo-blogging life) "Make pictures, don't get hung up on how nice they are."

So there you are folks. I am committing to yet another personal project. I've a feeling though that this will have more mileage than any of the others (pun intended). I might just use this as an excuse to visit the many (?) national parks that we have that I once thought I might do for a personal photo project.