Tuesday, April 27, 2010

PP: Tuesday Motorcycle Diary >> Where the road took me: Marcelo H. Del Pilar Shrine

This afternoon's trip was, perhaps, by far the free-est ride I've done on a Tuesday. There was no plan, there was no destination, just the road, my ride, my camera and me. Granted it would've been a longer ride if I'd left early, but I constrained myself to the few hours in the mid afternoon til evening because of the fact that I just didn't want to spend the day dehydrated, under the relentless sun and sweltering heat.

I decided that, since most of the places I went to were in the south, to try exploring northward. Spurred on by several rider's quotes I found online (specifically this one: Young riders pick a destination and go.. Old riders pick a direction and go), I did just that. I rode until I found some signs pointing to places I've never been. I found myself in Bocaue, then in Balagtas, and finally at Marcelo H. Del Pilar's shrine. 

After tentatively going around the first floor of the empty (of people) museum, and electing not to check out the library (aklatan) upstairs, I decided to walk about outside and take photos of the statue and what have you. After which I made my way home, but decided to get a haircut from an "exotic barber" -- in this case, I mean it as just a stranger.

Trip details:
KMs traveled: 18kms, to Marcelo H. Del Pilar shrine.
Camera: Olympus C-5000z

Four wheels move the body; two wheels move the soul.

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