Tuesday, April 20, 2010

PP: Tuesday Motorcycle Diary >> UP Los Banos

Ok, again it was mostly about the ride than any photos. Decided to pack the c-5000z instead of the e410 because I knew the ride was going to be tough. Besides which I didn't want to pack too much weight as I knew I was going to be adding weight to the bike when I got there (choco milk from the Philippine Carabao Center).
Suffice it to say that I left at 8AM, got to UPLB at roughly 11:45 AM, in the heat of the morning sun, and boy was it hot. The trip was dehydrating and suffocating, what with all the smoke all this riding is exposing me to, but enjoyable too. All those banking turns up and down the mountain (taken at safe speeds of course). The trip back was faster and, in a way, more fun since I was riding with my brother. Just a couple of photos.

I took a similar shot when i brought the xrm up to LB. Just thought I'd take one for the wave.
Extra pa si kuya guard.

if you notice, makalat sa bottom left of the shot. sorry. wala akong walis.

lunch was at Binalot, courtesy of my brother, as pictured above

when smoke gets in your eyes... and on your face, and on your neck...

Where will next Tuesday bring me I wonder... I haven't been to the Manila Ocean park yet...

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