Saturday, September 14, 2013

Techlust: Wifi SD Cards for Tetherless Tethered Photography

I've long been aware that tethered photography was a thing. It's basically what makes those photobooth services work. However, in my line of work, a cable is just another accident waiting to happen specially if you've got hyperactive kids in the studio. I'd tried searching for Wireless Tethering online and I'd seen several products that plug into the USB port of your camera and usually ride on the hotshoe on top (Cameramator and Camranger specifically). There have even been some DIY solutions to the problem, but they're all pretty bulky. The commercial ones seem to be pretty pricey. Imagine my delight when someone pointed me towards these new WiFi SD cards.

Imagine taking a shot with your DSLR (or any SD capable camera for that matter) and being able to share it straight on any device with a wifi connection. It's a feature available to several cameras that recently came out, but it's also something you old camera can do if it had one of these:

As far as my google searches have turned up, it seems that only the Trancend Wi-Fi cards and slower older versions of the ez Sh@re are available locally. I'll have to look around a little while longer. Additionally, I'm not immediately sold on it yet. I can't exactly use it on my Oly E 410, seeing as it's neither an XD or a CF card. However, I might be convinced to change my opinion if I get to try it out with a CFII adapter.

We'll see.