Friday, July 27, 2007

Photography as a Job: A TPC photographer at last!

Ok, I have to apologize for several weeks, if not a month of absence. Training and working at The Picture Company hasn't always allowed me time to compose my thoughts. I haven't been able to post any photos of the day pictures either, and I apologize for that. Not that I haven't been able to take any good photos. Believe me, to my surprise and several clients' delight (relief on my part), I have. It's just that I don't think I ought to post them here without prior permission. But maybe, in the near future, I'll ask, and see if I can post some of them, at least small copies...

Anyway, updates. I've passed the three week training, and have been taking more and more photos of kids, grown-ups, families as the days have progressed. Tomorrow, being a Saturday, is going to be a heavy day for The Picture Company as weekends are when most families are free to visit the store. Saturdays and Sundays usually see fully booked stores, and this weekend is no exception. It's going to be all shoots from opening to closing. The prospect of which part of me revels in, while part of me is terrified by.
This nervousness is something that I verbally express at work, and experience whole-heartedly when I know I'm up for a shoot that day. I try to prepare myself, but I'm still a nervous wreck before, during, and sometimes after. I do my best, and that's all I can give. But there's still part of me that wants to be perfect for each client. Anyway, that's something for another blog or entry isn't it?

So far, it's been only 10 days since we ended training. And I know that I can see myself doing this for quite a long time. :) I'm a professional!!!:D

Now, if only money grew on trees.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Photo of the Day: 4 July 2007

Quezon Avenue corner EdSA
shot from MRT, QAve station
15 seconds, f8, ISO 50, Auto WB

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Excuses and a delayed Photo of the Day: 24June07 TPC Podium

We've been without internet since the 24th of June, so I haven't quite been able to live up to my promises. Apparently there was some data cable theft, resulting in a loss of connection for almost a week, and then the Server couldn't give us an IP address because it forgot we existed. Now that it's back though...

Photo of the day 06.24.07

Rocking Horse, The Picture Company, Podium

Helpful Hints, and other Sites I wish I authored

I know I started this blog in the hopes that I might impart some knowledge about photography. :) Well, like a great philosopher once said, the first sign of wisdom is knowing that you don't know squat... or something like that.
Well, ok. I don't not know anything. I guess I know enough to take pics, though not always enough to know how to fix them, or take them well. However, the least I can do right now is point people to sites which I wish I had enough experience to have authored. One of those sites is Strobist.

Strobist is a site that's dedicated to helping you help yourself improve your flash using skills. I'm aiming to keep reading it and learning from it.