Thursday, August 25, 2016

Morning Time-Lapse

I'm not quite sure if this counts as photography, but I've been getting more and more interested in Time-Lapses lately. I tried loading one of the first ones I'd created on YouTube directly from the phone but something happened and now that's not accessible.

Here's the latest one, edited in Microsoft Movie Maker.

The film photography project has been a bit delayed. Specially since developing will take 2 weeks, it's going to take some time. I'll be uploaded older photos if you don't mind. :-)

For now, enjoy the video above.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Photography Blog Update

For those who don't yet know, I've left the glamorous life of studio portrait photography for a job at a company that revels in analogue photography. More than likely, as far as this blog is concerned, you'll be seeing a lot of analogue (scanned of course) photography from me. The following is an example:

Sunset from Dive n Trek shot with the La Sardina

If you want to see more from that set, please visit my lomo home.

Commitment to Creation
In my other blog, blogging bulatao, I committed to a blog entry everyday via any and all of my current blogger blogs.

As far as future projects for Photobu go, I'm planning to do a rainbow unending panoramic with the Lomo LC-Wide (click the link if you want to learn more about the camera) by using the half frame sprocket without the mask. When it's ready, you'll see it on here.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Review: A7 Sports Action Cam via

4 Days later

Not sure how I should begin the little review... no, I'm sorry. I know how: You get what you pay for.

Ok. Granted I paid just Php 1,199. For that amount, I was promised the following:
1) A portable yellow Action camera with
2) 5MP still photo capability, and
3) HD video recording
4) A waterproof case with different mounts

Given that there were at other similar cameras on offer for at least 3x the price (the SJ4000 for example costs roughly Php 4,400 ), I thought I'd take the risk and buy this cheap little thing fairly conscious of potential trade offs. I conditioned myself to expect the worst. In that regard, I guess I wasn't disappointed, though not fully so.

The Good: 

The A7 looks a lot like the GoPro and some other Chinese made action cams (like the SJ4000 as previously mentioned). Unlike the GoPro, it comes with a built in LCD with which you can see what you record. The water proof casing it comes with is indeed waterproof, though I have yet to test it at depth. The basic mounts it came with would allow me to mount it on a bicycle (if I had one), and on my helmet (which I did). Instead of going ahead and buying a new microSD, I opted to try it with my class4 16GB extra, which worked (and saved myself at least 900 pesos too).

The Bad (and not so bad):

Are you familiar with the term "interpolated"? It seems like the sensor itself isn't truly HD, nor is it truly 5MP. So while the final image and video may have the dimensions published in the manual and in the settings, what you get is a stretched image of whatever passes for the raw size. Photo samples below (click to enlarge).



The camera actually takes photos, with burst mode and, supposedly, time-lapse. Technically, it IS capable of producing 5MP (2592x1944), 3MP (2048x1536), 2MP (1600x1200), and 1MP (1280x1024) images. But like I said, interpolated. Click the above images to compare quality when enlarged.

Color quality isn't all that hot, under some fluorescent lighting.

Video recording works as well. Technically, the video dimensions are 1280x720 and 640x480. 640x480 recording isn't bad at all. Acceptable in bright light, passable in the dark (though I heard the same could be said of most action cameras). "HD" however, well, that's another story.



Above videos are meant to be video size comparisons.

One of the features on the camera is called "Loop Video" which basically means it cuts a video into 5 minute clips making the file size a little smaller. 640x480p recordings are cut into 350MB chunks in sunlight, and 250MB night time recordings. "HD"

I think I need video editing software. Those file sizes are crazy.

The Verdict:

Alright, so the moral of the story is "keep expectations low, and you won't be disappointed." Or is it "You get what you pay for?"

While the A7 does look a lot like its more expensive brethren, it doesn't perform nearly as well. I keep coming back to the price to justify it's performance. Considering that I paid Php 1,199 (it's now selling via at Php 1,299), did I get my money's worth?

I got a camera that can go under water, capture decent 640x480 video, and usable stills, that I can mount on my helmet to record maybe an hour plus worth of video.

I think I'll reserve a more serious and definite verdict until I get to bring it underwater and test the casing for depth. On paper, it says 30meters. We'll see. I'll post more photos taken by the A7 and Video from under water by June, or on the road within the month.

Should YOU buy it? Maybe if it was your first action cam, and you don't have any lofty plans for the video it will take, and just wanted a toy for 1.2k, why not?

But if you're willing to pay a little more, you could probably go with the 8ten SDV-5271 Action Cam, or if you're willing to pony up upwards of 4400 pesos, you might go with the SJCAM SJ4000.


I've finally been able to test the action camera at depth. The rear cover actually compressed deeper into the body int he middle of the dive. And yes, the casing held and kept the camera dry. Mostly. After our first dive, it became apparent that there was moisture on the front of the body, near the on and off switch. I'm guessing the seal wasn't quite as water tight as I'd hoped. Not that the casing flooded though. Kept it dry enough to survive 3 dives at Apo Island.


As you can see, the videos do turn out super blue as there are wavelengths of light that doesn't penetrate to those depths, particularly reds. The challenge for these cameras would be not having underwater dive filters built for the underwater case, or at least I haven't encountered any.

Underwater Use Verdict:

Did it work?  -- Yes. Just keep its limitations in mind and don't expect too much from these Go Pro Clones and you'll be fine.

Was it worth it?  -- Yes. Even if the dive case did eventually fail, I wouldn't have felt quite as bad if I had lost the camera compared to possibly losing a GoPro.

Should you buy it?  -- I leave that up to you.

Techlust: A7 Sports Action Cam via

It's been awhile

I can't believe that it's been nearly 2 years since I last took the time to blog about anything, much less anything related to Photography. I sincerely hope that, with this new toy, I will remedy that.

A7 Sports Action Cam

I haven't been able to take a good underwater shot for a long time, since my old Olympus C5000z retired. Since action cameras have been making waves lately, and because of's flash sales, I thought I'd try one out. I thought I'd try out the A7 HD sports cam. Bought the item last April 25 and the waiting began.

(photos from the Lazada page)

Lazada promised that it would be delivered by May 4 or 5. Low and behold, it arrived!

I present to you the A7 HD Sports Cam:

If looks are any indication of performance (yes, judging the book by it's cover), the A7 promises to be all that they say and more. Honestly, for how much it cost, I didn't hope for much. Looking at it now, seems like good bang for the buck.

It comes with the following in the box: The Action Camera with battery, a water proof case, an open open case with top and bottom tripod um... nuts, Helmet / curved surface ount with 3M double sided adhesive, bicycle handle mount, a couple of velcro straps (to help mount the curved mount to a bike helmet I assume), and a micro USB cable for power.

It's basically another GoPro Clone, albeit a rather low end one. According to the specs, still photos top out at 5MP (like the GoPro), but I doubt anyone will be using this thing just for stills. Video recording is available in either VGA 30fps or 720p 30fps. Storage is microSD, and it can accommodate from 4GB up to 32GB class 10 cards (which reminds me that I now need to purchase one of those too). No Wifi on this model as this is my first action cam and I opted not to splurge.

Here's a link to the Lazada item page.

Let me test it out and then I'll give a short review, and then feedback on the Lazada page.

*Note - I wrote this up the day I got it. Just posting it today. :-P Review to follow. 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Techlust: Wifi SD Cards for Tetherless Tethered Photography

I've long been aware that tethered photography was a thing. It's basically what makes those photobooth services work. However, in my line of work, a cable is just another accident waiting to happen specially if you've got hyperactive kids in the studio. I'd tried searching for Wireless Tethering online and I'd seen several products that plug into the USB port of your camera and usually ride on the hotshoe on top (Cameramator and Camranger specifically). There have even been some DIY solutions to the problem, but they're all pretty bulky. The commercial ones seem to be pretty pricey. Imagine my delight when someone pointed me towards these new WiFi SD cards.

Imagine taking a shot with your DSLR (or any SD capable camera for that matter) and being able to share it straight on any device with a wifi connection. It's a feature available to several cameras that recently came out, but it's also something you old camera can do if it had one of these:

As far as my google searches have turned up, it seems that only the Trancend Wi-Fi cards and slower older versions of the ez Sh@re are available locally. I'll have to look around a little while longer. Additionally, I'm not immediately sold on it yet. I can't exactly use it on my Oly E 410, seeing as it's neither an XD or a CF card. However, I might be convinced to change my opinion if I get to try it out with a CFII adapter.

We'll see.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Getting Back into the Swing of things: Macro Dalek and Tardis

I've been out of commission in terms of personal photography and blogging for quite awhile now. Seeing as I've gotten a new lease on life, sort of, I'm going to try getting back into the swing of things. And swing I will.

I've to get back to my roots. I've to remind myself about the passion and wonder I have for this craft.

And I shall. But for now, I will post some impromptu macro work with a sheet of short bond, the DIY ringlight, and the nifty fifty (ish)...

A Blue Dalek Necklace

The Tardis Necklace

The jewelry above is of clay, handmade by a friend.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Subject of Opportunity: Kermit

I haven't been posting any of my personal photography lately. Most of the photos I've been taking have mostly been via phone and none really stand out. Tonight however found me nearly face to face with an invisible subject. Invisible because it was dark, and it was only by chance I saw him move.

Say hello to Kermit.

He was just sitting on the rebar minding his own business. 

He makes a farely decent ringlight subject too. Big eyes. 

Eventually I took one shot too many and he decided he'd had enough of a glamour shoot for one day.