Saturday, August 27, 2016

Happy Birthday Anya!

I haven't covered a party in awhile. Partially because my last camera was starting to show its age, and partly because there hadn't been a work-party during my last few months at the previous company.

Recently though we got invited to a birthday party and I took some photos there. Can't say it was proper coverage though. It was quite a party! There were booths for food, and games where kids could play to win play money they could then exchange at the redemption booth.

Just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANYA! 

I've noticed however that the aperture on the 14 to 42mm lens is getting sticky. It, together with the E410, is showing its age. I was using it on an E520, a recent acquisition, and shots would get progressively darker as the aperture got smaller and stuck with every shot. It would reset itself with a power-off and on cycle. Not something I like doing. Might need to have it fixed, if at all possible. 

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