Saturday, August 20, 2016

Photography Blog Update

For those who don't yet know, I've left the glamorous life of studio portrait photography for a job at a company that revels in analogue photography. More than likely, as far as this blog is concerned, you'll be seeing a lot of analogue (scanned of course) photography from me. The following is an example:

Sunset from Dive n Trek shot with the La Sardina

If you want to see more from that set, please visit my lomo home.

Commitment to Creation
In my other blog, blogging bulatao, I committed to a blog entry everyday via any and all of my current blogger blogs.

As far as future projects for Photobu go, I'm planning to do a rainbow unending panoramic with the Lomo LC-Wide (click the link if you want to learn more about the camera) by using the half frame sprocket without the mask. When it's ready, you'll see it on here.

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