Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Photo Essay-type Blog! My Milk Toof!!! CUTE.

I will not claim to have been the first to discover this. I'm just glad I did. But before we go and drown in the cuteness of the contents of the blog in question, let me insert some photography-related nonsense...

Photo Essays. The term itself defines it. Basically an essay expressed with photos instead of words. A picture, after all, is worth a thousand words. Why not combine several thousand?

Ok. The writer in me is meandering again.

We were once assigned to create a photo essay for the photoclub back in high school. While my subject and storyline was a little more morbid than most (which, thinking back, probably alarmed a teacher or two), the objective was to tell a story with several photos. And that is what I did. Perhaps its time for me to do that once more. Why not?

But before we launch ourselves yet again into an ultimately unfinished personal project, lets get down to the blog that made this entry possible...

I present My Milk Toof!!

Cuteness overload. :) Check it out.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Bending Light 2: Spectralight Diffuser

It seems that this is one of those years that I'm going to fulfill some of my own wishes. :) First personal purchase off the wishlist was the Spirit pop-up flash diffuser. Works well within its limits I'd say. But for more creative lighting, and portable light bending, I had to go and get the Spectralight flash diffuser.

This was on the top of my wishlist. Primarily because it offers me a new way to use my hotshoe flash, within a respectable I-wouldn't-feel-guilty-for-purchasing-it-myself budget. :) tonight was the first night of use at a friend's birthday celebration. Supposedly, according to the site, this will allow the user a more versatile lighting experience, great for covering events and what not. :) Expect to see more of it in the coming flash-friendly events.

Pictures to be posted soon... :)


And here they are...

Spectralgiht package

Pictures of the product and

Spectralight on flash2

Spectralight on flash

pictures of it on cam.

Pictures in use will be via my facebook. Check those out if you care to. :)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Inspiration: Make Pictures

While I haven't been posting any of my own creations, impressions or capturations (as I believe that photos are moments one captures and and rarely ever creates from scratch), I have, while reading strobist, stumbled upon a man who's photography fascinates me. His name is Clay Enos. The article in particular features a video of him doing street photography, rather using a portion of the street as his studio, and giving tips on how to do it. It doesn't involve all that much in the way of technology and equipment, and it seems like something I would love to try.

As a photographer I lean towards portraiture more than anything. I'll try to take a good photo of a particularly breathtaking landscape when I'm there, or cover a party or three to chronicle a happy experience, but given the choice I know I would take portraits ahead, above and beyond anything else. Street photography for me holds such an allure. The challenge of the venue, lighting au natural, and the excitement of meeting new people. One of these off days, I plan to and will do just that.

But going back to Enos. I checked out his blog entitled Making Pictures, as well as his official site (click his name) and his galleries. In a way, what this guy has accomplished, is something I would like to similarly be able to do. Adding his blog to the list of blogs I follow. :) Check them out. They just might inspire you.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bending Light: Spirit Pop-up Flash Diffuser

My first encounter with the spirit was a fleeting one. I noticed it atop a Nikon D80 (I think) sitting on a table, presumably with its owner, at Krispy Kreme in Boni High Street. I was wondering what it was, what kind of diffusion it actually gives... then I turned into KK and forgot all about it.

I found it again online while browsing for birthday gift ideas for my wishlist. And thanks to funds as a direct result of said birthday, I can now cross that off my list. Just to give you an idea what it looks like, here are some photos...

The Spirit!

Spirit in Packaging...

List of cameras to use it on doesn't include Olympus...

Photographing the Spirit With a Spirit...

Photographing without...

From where I'm sitting, it does its job, for the most part (notice the difference in the shadows), and gives a warmer light than the harsher naked pop-up flash does, which I for one like.

I haven't quite used it on anything other than itself (or rather the one I bought for a friend), and anyone other than myself. Soon however, I will post more, as I know the opportunity will present itself.

For now, I leave you with these and you be the judge...

Without Spirit... With Spirit...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Birthday wishlist... Wish lang talaga.

:) For those who don't know, I'll be turning another year older in about 48 hours. And while this blog is supposed to be dedicated to photography, my experience with it and passion for it, I think I'll cheat a bit and present to the reading public, you my dear friends who bother to visit every once in awhile, and to those who happen to stumble across my site while searching for God knows what, what I'd love to have for my birthday.

I know we're long past the age of being lucky enough to deserve things given to us... ok, fine. I am. :) I'm 1 year and 47 some hours shy of hitting the big three-zero. But the following are things that I'd love to have, things I'd wish for, things that I will attract to myself because, well, I want them. :) And in keeping with the theme, most of them will have something to do with photography. Most. Not all.

These are in random order. :)

1.) Spectra Light Versitle Flash diffuser. This flash light bouncing system mounts to almost any hot shoe flash, allowing versatility in your lighting. 09.06.09
2.) Spirit Pop-up Flash diffuser. For those moments when you feel like soft lighting, without a hot shoe flash or bounce capablities on hand...
3.) Olympus E3 - *wipes saliva*- It might not have the top of the line sensor anymore, but I'd like to have a body with a little more substance than my E410. Weatherproofing doesn't hurt.
4.) Olympus Zuiko Digital 12-60mm 2.8-4.0 SWD lens... Great walk-about lens. :)
5.) Ownuser Battery Grip for Olympus E410. This will help give my current cam a little bulk and vertical shooting grip.
6.) Olympus / third party E410 extra battery.
7.) Orbis Ring Flash *wipes saliva again* I sooooo want one of these. (got a DIY ringflash though)
8.) a couple of Vivitar 285 HV flash units for my strobist aspirations or youngnuo flashes will do the trick just as well. Got myself that YN... but I could do with 1 more.
9.) Remote Triggers for Hot shoe flash units... :)
10.) KTM 690 Duke. Ok not related to Photography, but wouldn't it be just cool? To shoot, to ride... to ride and shoot... mmmmmmm.

I think 10 is a healthy number of things to wish for. I just might add to that. Eventually. :)

Ah. One can dream.

edited and updated 02.06.10

11.) ADDITIONAL remote triggers / receivers. :)
12.) ADDITIONAL extra batteries. :)
13.) standard sized Starving Student Strobist umbrella kit (6foot stand, 36 inch umbrella).

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Street Photography: New Movie

I know I started this blog with the best intentions, with the aim for perfection and education and all that high brow stuff... but it seems if that's all I'm gonna post here, I wind up with like a post every 2 months. :) So here's something that almost has nothing to do with photography, with the exception that I took the photo with a phone cam on the street, which then categorizes it under "Street Photography"....

Bagong movie o. :D

angels and demons

Monday, April 13, 2009


Goddaughters. Mga inaanak.





lauryn and sunset

Sunset by the bay

bubbles panoramic

- taken by Neng

helpful hints and other sites:

First off, it's been forever since I last wrote in any of my blogs. Just a statement of fact. Now on to the main thought of this entry...

In my quest (albeit inconsistent and rambling) to better myself as a photographer, I have, on occasion, visited several sites to learn new concepts, study other people's photos and make my own little tools and things, like the light tent for example... I previously blogged about strobist and it being one of the sites I would love to make this blog like, a wellspring of info and learning. I recently stumbled onto a site which would also help give ideas and let one express their creativity for feedback.

Stumbled onto via facebook. From what I can tell, its a community of photographers of different skill levels who group themselves according to their specific interests. There's a community strictly for black and white photography, DSLR users, Nature photography etc. What I like about it is that they require participation via voting and feedback for you to be able to submit any of your work in the contests. If you join any of the contests and win, you might win an actual prize, in addition to the adoration and appreciation as well as feedback from strangers who share your passion for photography.

Hoping to join a competition soon, though I'll probably join in the next cycle. The deadline for this last cycle is tomorrow. Up for grabs is Lensbaby's Composer.

Check it out. :)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Introspection: a DSLR does not a Photographer Make

As most of you know, I am an Olympus user. I love the format, the colors, and the cameras that I've been lucky enough to have had the pleasure of using. That being said, I don't believe that I am what I am only because of the camera that I use.

Despite what I previously believed, and what I sometimes may feel because of equipment-envy, a Photographer is not his / her camera. When it comes to photography and the art of capturing the moment, one does not have to have the top of the line, full-frame, DSLR. What I've learned, after 10 plus years of taking photos, is that the sky is the limit when it comes to what a photographer can do with the equipment he / she has. Skill, art with the instrument is what will differentiate a photographer from a camera owner, however high tech his / her gear is. While everyone, given the correct financial breaks and availability of funds, can own the best camera on the market, not everyone who might own said camera will be able to utilize it quite so well, not at first anyway, not without practice. In short, do whatever you can with the gear you've got right now, and if you feel you've reached your boundaries and are ready to breach them, by all means, upgrade!

When it comes to getting the right camera, I don't think I'm an expert, though several friends and acquaintances often treat me like one. As far as I can tell, the best camera for you is something that fulfills the following requirements:

1. You can afford it. Very important factor. :) Why force something you can't afford?
2. You can see yourself using it. If you can't imagine yourself using the camera for what you need it to perform for, then maybe it may not be for you. Check it out at a shop, try it around the store. If it feels comfortable in your hands and fulfills your needs, then by all means consider it as a contender.
3. It will fit your needs. With the availability cheaper, high powered cameras and DSLRs now in the market, it's easy to fall prey to the Mighty Megapixel come-on. Unless you intend to display your photos on the billboards along EdSA, you may not always need a camera with the highest megapixel count, nor a camera with exchangeable lenses. If you are the type who wants a camera for its portability and for the purpose of capturing those precious moments, snap-shots if your everyday life, the type who likes taking nice photos and digital video besides, a lot of good point and shoot, prosumer cameras do just that.
4. The camera will allow you to grow as a photographer. This only makes sense if you imagine yourself doing more though. A lot of high-end point and shoot cameras allow you to fiddle around with the settings, from controling the shutter speed, changing the opening / aperture, as well as film speed. If you're fed-up with point and shoot short-comings though, DSLRs are the way to go. You might decide to read a few books, take a few classes or workshops to help you harness its full capabilities but they will be well worth it.

Just some thoughts. :) Don't take me too seriously on this. Try things out for yourselves. Read camera reviews, borrow from friends' cameras. Invest in it emotionally and rationally before you do so financially. And when you have it, don't ever stop taking pictures.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Prosumer Techlust: Olympus E-30

I recently stumbled upon this, Olympus' newest DSLR on my favorite source for photo info but found it uncharacteristically lacking. Search engine results and preliminary reviews almost make me want to take back what I said about the E-3. Almost... I'd probably still go for the E-3, however, I'm sure I'd also jump at the chance to hold / own / use the Olympus E-30.

Announced November of last year, one wonders where the E-30 fit in Olympus' scheme of things. Well, supposedly it is positioning itself between the rugged Professional E-3 and the less than pro E-520. It's not as rugged, nor weather sealed as the E-3 (which used magnesium alloy, versus the E-30's structural plastic), and weighs in just midway between the two models. Dimensions-wise however it shares the E-3's girth, if only to be slightly shorter by 10mm. Additionally a newly designed viewfinder [penta]prism makes it lighter than the pro, but at the same time gives it a better view than the 520.

The newest camera from Oly also bosts 12.3 megapixels of resolutional goodness. While this may potentially mean more noise, as more pixels would be crammed into the same size sensor space, Olympus promises that noise levels will be more like the previous generation of sensors thanks to better microlens and photo diode design.

Like the E-3, the E-30 possesses a rotating LCD display, however Olympus decided to give it a larger 2.7 inch screen. Like the E-30, it also uses an 11 point AF sysetm but throws in the Face Detection feature found in the E-520.

Aside from the above mentioned features, the E-30 posseses a digital leveling feature, which lets you know how much roll / pitch you've to fix to help level your camera. Helpful for people who'd like to get their horizons perfectly straight, but otherwise also perfectly superfluous, in my opinion anyway. :)

For a more complete review, do check out imaging resource.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Photo of the night... First post of the New Year

Tonight is supposedly the night of the fullest and brightest moon of the year. Tonight or last night. Was only able to take photos of the moon tonight though.

Shot using Olympus E410, film speed 200-400, f5.6, shutter speed variable, using full 150mm.