Saturday, August 22, 2009

Inspiration: Make Pictures

While I haven't been posting any of my own creations, impressions or capturations (as I believe that photos are moments one captures and and rarely ever creates from scratch), I have, while reading strobist, stumbled upon a man who's photography fascinates me. His name is Clay Enos. The article in particular features a video of him doing street photography, rather using a portion of the street as his studio, and giving tips on how to do it. It doesn't involve all that much in the way of technology and equipment, and it seems like something I would love to try.

As a photographer I lean towards portraiture more than anything. I'll try to take a good photo of a particularly breathtaking landscape when I'm there, or cover a party or three to chronicle a happy experience, but given the choice I know I would take portraits ahead, above and beyond anything else. Street photography for me holds such an allure. The challenge of the venue, lighting au natural, and the excitement of meeting new people. One of these off days, I plan to and will do just that.

But going back to Enos. I checked out his blog entitled Making Pictures, as well as his official site (click his name) and his galleries. In a way, what this guy has accomplished, is something I would like to similarly be able to do. Adding his blog to the list of blogs I follow. :) Check them out. They just might inspire you.

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