Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Birthday wishlist... Wish lang talaga.

:) For those who don't know, I'll be turning another year older in about 48 hours. And while this blog is supposed to be dedicated to photography, my experience with it and passion for it, I think I'll cheat a bit and present to the reading public, you my dear friends who bother to visit every once in awhile, and to those who happen to stumble across my site while searching for God knows what, what I'd love to have for my birthday.

I know we're long past the age of being lucky enough to deserve things given to us... ok, fine. I am. :) I'm 1 year and 47 some hours shy of hitting the big three-zero. But the following are things that I'd love to have, things I'd wish for, things that I will attract to myself because, well, I want them. :) And in keeping with the theme, most of them will have something to do with photography. Most. Not all.

These are in random order. :)

1.) Spectra Light Versitle Flash diffuser. This flash light bouncing system mounts to almost any hot shoe flash, allowing versatility in your lighting. 09.06.09
2.) Spirit Pop-up Flash diffuser. For those moments when you feel like soft lighting, without a hot shoe flash or bounce capablities on hand...
3.) Olympus E3 - *wipes saliva*- It might not have the top of the line sensor anymore, but I'd like to have a body with a little more substance than my E410. Weatherproofing doesn't hurt.
4.) Olympus Zuiko Digital 12-60mm 2.8-4.0 SWD lens... Great walk-about lens. :)
5.) Ownuser Battery Grip for Olympus E410. This will help give my current cam a little bulk and vertical shooting grip.
6.) Olympus / third party E410 extra battery.
7.) Orbis Ring Flash *wipes saliva again* I sooooo want one of these. (got a DIY ringflash though)
8.) a couple of Vivitar 285 HV flash units for my strobist aspirations or youngnuo flashes will do the trick just as well. Got myself that YN... but I could do with 1 more.
9.) Remote Triggers for Hot shoe flash units... :)
10.) KTM 690 Duke. Ok not related to Photography, but wouldn't it be just cool? To shoot, to ride... to ride and shoot... mmmmmmm.

I think 10 is a healthy number of things to wish for. I just might add to that. Eventually. :)

Ah. One can dream.

edited and updated 02.06.10

11.) ADDITIONAL remote triggers / receivers. :)
12.) ADDITIONAL extra batteries. :)
13.) standard sized Starving Student Strobist umbrella kit (6foot stand, 36 inch umbrella).


jace_bu said...

:) item number 2 is now officially off the list. :) seems to work quite well, though i've yet to test it on subjects other than my face. haha. :)

jace_bu said...

item number 2 is on again. :) may bumili kasi sa akin haha. :) though it's not quite as attractive to me personally as it used to be, it would still be nice to have around.