Monday, April 13, 2009

helpful hints and other sites:

First off, it's been forever since I last wrote in any of my blogs. Just a statement of fact. Now on to the main thought of this entry...

In my quest (albeit inconsistent and rambling) to better myself as a photographer, I have, on occasion, visited several sites to learn new concepts, study other people's photos and make my own little tools and things, like the light tent for example... I previously blogged about strobist and it being one of the sites I would love to make this blog like, a wellspring of info and learning. I recently stumbled onto a site which would also help give ideas and let one express their creativity for feedback.

Stumbled onto via facebook. From what I can tell, its a community of photographers of different skill levels who group themselves according to their specific interests. There's a community strictly for black and white photography, DSLR users, Nature photography etc. What I like about it is that they require participation via voting and feedback for you to be able to submit any of your work in the contests. If you join any of the contests and win, you might win an actual prize, in addition to the adoration and appreciation as well as feedback from strangers who share your passion for photography.

Hoping to join a competition soon, though I'll probably join in the next cycle. The deadline for this last cycle is tomorrow. Up for grabs is Lensbaby's Composer.

Check it out. :)