Monday, September 7, 2009

Bending Light 2: Spectralight Diffuser

It seems that this is one of those years that I'm going to fulfill some of my own wishes. :) First personal purchase off the wishlist was the Spirit pop-up flash diffuser. Works well within its limits I'd say. But for more creative lighting, and portable light bending, I had to go and get the Spectralight flash diffuser.

This was on the top of my wishlist. Primarily because it offers me a new way to use my hotshoe flash, within a respectable I-wouldn't-feel-guilty-for-purchasing-it-myself budget. :) tonight was the first night of use at a friend's birthday celebration. Supposedly, according to the site, this will allow the user a more versatile lighting experience, great for covering events and what not. :) Expect to see more of it in the coming flash-friendly events.

Pictures to be posted soon... :)


And here they are...

Spectralgiht package

Pictures of the product and

Spectralight on flash2

Spectralight on flash

pictures of it on cam.

Pictures in use will be via my facebook. Check those out if you care to. :)

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