Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Film Photography Post: Half Frame Photography

Pedestrian Crossing Stop light. Solid Gold ISO 200 Film, Canon Demi

Before restarting my film photography life, the only film formats I'd ever been exposed to was 35mm and 110 film. I'd owned a small 110 instamatic, used my parent's Canon AE-1P, and had, once upon a time, owned an EOS camera (the model of which I can't recall, and a body I can no longer find).

My current place of work also has some medium format cameras on hand that I'd love to try out, not to mention some instant film cameras. The thought of using some of the former excites me,

Megamall Arcade

I'd only discovered half frame cameras during my first month at Lomography as well. I'd done a little online window shopping and found myself enamored with the idea of effectively doubling a roll's capacity by taking half of a regular 35mm frame with each shot. I'd seen several Olympus Pen units being sold at 2k and up online, as well as in Hidalgo. Encouraged by a friend's story, I went on a little adventure at one of the more accessible Japan Surplus shops that carries old film cameras and found this little beauty.

Canon Demi

My first couple of rolls, from which the Megamall Arcade shot above was taken, wasn't particularly successful. It was pretty much over exposed everywhere as the body lining was thin in several parts. Had to fill it in with the hairy half of a velcro strip. :-) The next rolls were better exposed.

Dive n Trek Summer 2016

Roofdeck Sunrise

The interesting thing about the half-frame format is that, since you get two shots in a 35mm frame, you can use it to tell a story in two successive shots. You really have to be conscious about it though. Something I'm not always good at. 

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