Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hardware: Olympus C-5000Zoom

Let me introduce to you my other Olympus baby: the Olympus C-5000 Zoom.
While this wasn't exactly my first digital camera (I owned a small Aiptek 1.3 megapixel pencam with manual focus and no preview lcd), this was the first of two digital cameras that I owned that offered me versatility. It wasn't exactly the newest model when I got it, but what sold me to it was the fact that it had a hot shoe, meaning I was going to be able to use the flash I had gotten for a birthday present several years before, as well as other flash heads I might use in the future... that and the fact that they were selling it with the underwater dive casing at a huge discounted price (from 11k down to 2k plus) made it a steal.

I've covered many Beacon school assemblies and events with this camera. It takes decent pictures at an approximately 5 megapixel resolution. It also came with a remote control, so it means no need to put it on a timer, press and run away to pose. But the fact that I could take it diving with me meant I was able to extend my photography skill-set to another level.

My only qualms with this camera would be 1) the unconventional film speeds that Olympus chose to equip it with. I mean I've never really encountered a roll of film with an ISO of 80, 160 or 320. Have you? And 2) while it allows video recording, it doesn't include audio. Funny. But livable. It also uses 3) XD cards for storage. Not easy to come by and by no means cheap. But seeing as I survived and thrived using this camera for nearly 2 years before even looking at others, I shouldn't complain.

Detailed camera vital statistics available at dpreview.

I shall post underwater pictures in the near future. Hoping to dive soon. Can hardly wait.

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