Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Hardware: Olympus C-8080 Wide Zoom

Ever since I went digital, I have found it fortunate that I have been able to work with cameras that gave me some measure of adaptability and manual control. The first was our Canon Powershot G3 (may it rest in pieces). My Olympus C5000 Zoom took its place, allowing me to take my photography underwater with its dive casing (a post dedicated to this baby soon).

Technolust and a desire to take better pictures with better hardware led me to my current camera...

Say hello to my current workhorse: the Olympus C8080 Wide Zoom.

This 8-megapixel prosumer wonder provides me with practically everything I feel I need to capture the moment. Aside having a somewhat professional look and feel, the C8080 allows me to extend my capabilities with the use of an external flash via hot-shoe, and a choice between two storage media in the form of Compact Flash and XD memory card. Easy access buttons around the barrel of the lens make adjusting like WB, picture size and flash intensity easy.

For a detailed review, visit The review was helped me justify my lust, which was mostly visual in the beginning. Haha.

To date, with this camera, I've covered one wedding, (at least) two baptisms, a number of family gatherings, product photos for our little business, and several vacations. Most of these viewable at my multiply site btw.

More posts on my equipment to follow.

Willing to cover your event with this baby for cheaper than most professionals! :) Will give you super high quality jpg images on cd/dvd. Text me if you know me, or leave a message.

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