Thursday, May 10, 2007

Last Baguio Pics and Isdaan in Tarlac

We stayed in Baguio from Friday afternoon until sometime after lunch on Monday. One of the last places we visited, was SM Baguio, the City's newest tourist attraction. Due to its interestingly different architecture (no real roof, just tenting), it's not advisable to visit it when it's raining.

rain comes in

SM View deck random Photo

Look out! Creepy Jids.

Some last pics from inside Atenara.

The old stuffed deer head...

... the replacement! Jackass-o-lope!!

On the way home, we passed by Isdaan in Tarlac for dinner.

Hard to miss even at night.

They give you free fish, if you can cross...

...this bridge.

Jonathan crosses Sankilo Bridge.

Crossing ponds that are 6 to 9 feet deep.

A victorious crosser with parents.

Rolly, Bless, James and Me.

Tacsiyapo: Pick, pay, shout and throw. Release your anger.


chuvanez said...

I've never been to Isdaan at night -- nice photos. Did you cross the bridge, too? Nico always does and we do get our isang kilong inihaw na tilapia every time.

jace_bu said...

haha. i wanted to, but when i saw the shells and when i saw how narrow it was, i decided to let jonathan try it. next time i'll cross it. did the tacsiyapo though.