Saturday, May 5, 2007

Baguio Part 3: Things to See (Set 1: Philippine Treasures)

This post is yet another in the Baguio series. As I have yet to go over all my pictures to evaluate them, I'm posting pictures by theme, as you have not doubt noticed.

This series of photos are about one of the places we visited as a family: Philippine Treasures, a place where beautiful handcrafted export-grade items are made daily. The people who make these crafts are treasures in themselves I would think.

Philippine Treasures:

Some ladies making trees

Flower-covered deer and the proud maker

Staining Glass

a Blue Angel and her maker

Glass Butterfly

Alternative Christmas Tree

Granny on a Stick (Mommy holding her)

Red Masks

The "Real" Philippine Treasure (kuno)

Comments? :)

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Yashleey Nitiz said...

Very nice...i just miss those days working thre bfor