Saturday, May 5, 2007

Baguio Part 3: Things to See (Set 2: Fire Mummies)

One of the places we visited during our third day in Baguio was way up in the mountains, at about 7500 feet above sea level if not more. We found out about the Fire mummies in Timbac, Benguet from Nico, one of the partners managing Atenara House who was also our guide for the trip. He had found out about it through TV (Discovery Channel or NatGeo itself) and not from this article as I originally thought, but had discovered a shorter route than what the NatGeo group had taken, at least relative to where we were staying. Thanks to Nico and our cousin Lawin's 4x4 extrail, what would've been a 10 hour trip up the mountain along rugged terrain and down to the caves, was reduced to a 3 hour drive and 30 minute hike down to the site. Along the way I got somewhat car sick, which forced us to take some rest stops along the winding road to the top, and some photo-ops.

Trip to the fire-mummies

Idyllic view at the Saddle...

...The non-idyllic view...

Jids hugs The Highest Point

Making it to the Top (the grass was sooooooo soft)

Jonathan's Jump Shot

Down to the caves

First Cave, First Mummy

Mummy and Great Great(to the nth power) granddaughter

I'm not equipped to answer questions about the mummies themselves, except for questions regarding the trip my brother and my cousin and our friend took. The girl you see in the last picture was our guide, and is a member of the same tribe as the mummy in the picture, if not from the same family. Probably anyway. When asked, all she said was "ewan". Hehe.

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chuvanez said...

Nico and I watched the fire mummy story on discovery channel or national geographic. There's more info at Baguio Insider about the Fire Mummies.

I heard about the car sickness. Twas a rough ride, wasn't it?


jace_bu said...

alright. :) post edited as per comment. :) i think the car sickness was due to somebody's driving. and because i was puyat. and maybe because of the siopao. at least i didn't throw up. though that could have possibly been because i am pretty much deathly disgusted of my own, um, "mess."

when Nico drove, i felt better. hehe.

Anonymous said...

can you send me the contact information of your guide? my email