Thursday, March 20, 2008

Visita Iglesia part 2

Here are a few more noteworthy photos from Maundy Thursday's trip around Manila. Other shots on my FlickR. :) tamad kasi i-post lahat. Hehehe

After visiting most of the churches on the list and saying our prayers, we ended up in the parking lot behind the CCP where we sought shade and relief, and ate lunch (and discovered that the CRV actually has a fold out table in back by default).

UST sa loob
UST church, probably the squarest church ever...

San Sebastian
Gothic, yes. Rusty too.

San Sebastian, from inside
view from the back, San Sebastian Church

a window to the past
Stained Glass Window

Gothic Ceiling
a Gothic ceiling

Mom, Nabe, Maia and her payong
The Payong in use

San Marcelino Church
I remember coming here... but I never realized that it shared the compound with Adamson.

Visita Iglesia on two wheels
Encountered these folks at two churches. UST and at Nstra Sra. de Guia

Nstra Sra. de Guia
The statue / image encased in glass is oooooooooooold (and miraculous too). Greenest indoor color cast not attributed to fluorescent lighting ever (I think).

Malate Church
I should've taken a picture of the doors to this place... last church we visited that day.

Answer to Somebody's prayers
A reminder to Parishioners at Malate Church

Maia, pamewang behind CCP

Just thought I'd post those up before we go on to see what Good Friday looks like. I'll have to gear up for tonight's walk around the city (Naks! Meycauayan City), candle-wax stained streets and night shots in and of the crowd.

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Lisa said...

Wow! Thanks for letting me do a vicarious Visita Iglesia of Manila churches -- something I never get to do in Baguio on Good Friday!

Simply beautiful!