Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Applied Photography: Personal Projects

While most camera owners might busy themselves with their cameras only on certain occasions, like say at a party, or a gathering, or maybe an event, something that merit's documentation, others might use photography as a way to earn a living, often doing much of the same as previously mentioned but being paid to do so. Then there are others who make a living out of taking portraits that families might not ever be able to take on their own. Other people just use it to document their lives as it happens, as they travel or go somewhere new.

While all of these are quite valid, if you're the occasional shutterbug, you're likely not to explore other applications of your craft. :) So my proposal to others, as well as to myself, is to start some personal photography projects that explore other applications of photography you might currently feel, more or less, alienated from, or at least unfamiliar with. Some personal projects I've seen other people commit themselves to include taking a picture of the sky everyday for a year, or taking a self portrait daily for practically the rest of their lives. While I think the former has merit, I'm not crazy about the latter.

When I started this blog, I promised myself I'd take and post at least one photo a day. While I may be taking more photos than I'd normally be able to as it's part of my job description, I'm not at liberty to post them online (which means I'll be taking down some of the photos I did post in old entries). I think I'll be revisiting this project again soon.

However, I'm thinking of a new project for myself. I'm thinking of compiling / taking pictures of every local monument or significant landmark I've ever visited / seen. I'm thinking I could start in Metro Manila, and go around from there.

This project needs a little tweaking, to be sure. Any suggestions for this or any other project from anyone would be helpful.

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