Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Personal Project: Doing Charles Traub's To Do List

Just thought about this right now. I blogged about advice Charles Traub gave to aspiring young photographers the other night. Now I'm thinking of going down that list and "doing" them tasks one by one.

:) A challenge to myself! I've to be able to do it all within... 3 months? Is 3 months fair? Hmmm. Well, maybe not all. At least 50% of them. Haha. Actually understanding or interpreting the list and putting it into motion will be the bigger challenge I think. We'll see. I'm particularly interested in the one that says "Do fifty of them—you definitely will get a show." Hahahah. Maybe I'll combine that with "Do it big, if you can't, do it in red." Hmmmmmmm.

I'm excited!

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