Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tech-Lust: Olympus E510

While it might seem that I'm mouthing off like I'm a master of some high powered DSLR, I have yet to own one (emphasis on yet). Those of you who've read through past entries know that I have a compact digital (Olympus C-5000z) and large prosumer point-and-shoot (Olympus C-8080wz) as my tools. However, given half the chance, I'd gladly upgrade to almost any DSLR within my budget range.

One of those cameras I'm currently lusting after is (or was - by the time of this writing) one of Olympus' top of the line cameras: The Olympus E-510. Announced last year, March 5, 2007 to be exact, the Olympus E-510 came out as the 10 megapixel replacement for the Olympus E-500 Evolt (which sports an 8 MP sensor). It has all the functionalities of its predecessor, as well as some new functions also present in its little brother the E-410, which was announced on the same day.

One of the main features that the E-510 boasts of is its live-view functionality. In that respect, if you go through it chronologically, I think it's the third DSLR in the world to have the live-view function (2nd or third, seeing as the E-410 was announced at the same time, I think the line is blurred at best. The first camera to feature this function however was the Olympus E-330.). Equipped with a Live MOS sensor, the E-510 no longer confines you to composing your shots with the use of the viewfinder. You can now use the large LCD screen to compose your shots from angles that might otherwise not be accessible with your eyeball stuck to the rear of the camera.

Another feature the 510 has over its predecessor is built in image stabilization. This is good news for people (like myself) who may not always have a steady hand.

For a more in-depth review however, do check out the E-510 review at dpreview. Get to know the camera a little better.

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