Thursday, March 20, 2008

Maundy Thursday: Visita Iglesia Photos

It's Holy Week 2008. Maundy Thursday. The day that we engage in our annual tradition, Visita Iglesia. We visited several churches, mostly in the Manila area. Wasn't able to take photos at the Morning Breeze church though as it was closed and we stayed outside for prayer. Here are some photos.

OLGA, 2nd church
2nd church: Our Lady of Grace

a very wide church inside

Maia at Olga
Maia and her tatay

sleeping man at OLGA
a sleeping man.

Espiritu Santo1
Espiritu Santo, 3rd church

Espiritu Santo2
the church as viewed from inside...

a group of penitant visitors
a group of penitent visitors

More pictures to follow.

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