Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hot and Heavy Techlust: Olympus E3

If money was no object, barring the option of buying multiple bodies, the Olympus loyalist in me would no doubt splurge on their 4-years-in-the-making, recently announced professional DSLR E-3 system.

Announced October of 2007, the E-3 shows just how much evolution Olympus' professional system can achieve. A marked improvement (heck, after 4 years, it had better be!) over their initial effort, the E-1, the Olympus E-3 possesses a new sensor. The E-3 carries a 4/3 high speed Live MOS sensor compared to the E-1's old 5MP CCD, making this pro kit the first to have Live-view function. This becomes particularly useful and handy when shooting via the fully articulated LCd display, which opens up and swivels around like those displays found in earlier Canon G point and shoot systems. With certain lenses, the E-3 is claimed to have the fastest autofocus available today, making full use of its all new 11 point auto focus system. It also sports a new and improved viewfinder, giving 100% coverage and 1.15x magnification. Another feature available to the E-3 is sensor shift stabilization, enabling it to use pretty much any 4/3 lens and not having to rely on lens-based stabilization solutions.

Aside from all of the above, what piqued my interest is it's magnesium alloy composition and weather proofing. Compared to its little brother, the E-510 which is encased in not-weather proof plastic, this makes the E-3 a truly rough and tumble unit. It can also remotely connect to up to 3 flashes at a time, without the need for any on-hotshoe hardware.

So yes, I want.

For a complete review of the E-3, do check out dpreview. Me, I'm just going to keep dreaming about it. Hehehe.

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