Saturday, June 23, 2007

Photography as a Job: Joining The Picture Company

the picture company

haven't been blogging in awhile. I know I could come up with loads of good excuses but I just haven't been able to blog. Maybe I was busy doing something, or was too tired after a busy day and I've just neglected this. I hope not to again. Now that I've something worth blogging about, in a photo blog I mean.

So yes, like the subject line states, I'm applying for The Picture Company for their Kiddy Entertainer / Photographer position. Hours are a bit hectic, and the daily commute is going to be an issue, and sacrifices will be made, and difficulties will be had. But then, there are always going to be complaints, right? Whatever job I take. But maybe it's worth it, these sacrifices for this particular job which just puts two of the things I like together: I get to work with kids, make them laugh or smile and take their pictures! And get paid to do just that!
I'm in the 2nd day of the try out phase of the application. I'm still iffy on some things, and am leaning towards going part time instead of full time so I can still give some time to my other pursuits and commitments. We'll see as things progress. But I'm giddy at the thought of being a "professional". We'll see.

this photographer's personal commitments

Anyway, I think I shall take this opportunity to commit to several things about this step into a life as a paid photographer. I've to take this blog and everything that I've started regarding photography seriously. So, in that light, I commit to the following:
  1. I shall take at least one photo a day, of anyone, anything, anywhere at anytime for no reason, or any reason whatsoever.
  2. ... in line with number 1, I will blog at least 1 photo of the day, everyday. If I can't post it on the day I take it, I shall post it when I can, and it shall not count as a photo for that day.
  3. I will treat my equipment with respect and not feel bad that they aren't this or that (in particular, not DSLRs). They are able to capture photos in the best way they can and are quite handy the way they are in fact. I will not feel equipment envy. I will use my gear to the best of their ability.
  4. I will buy, within this year, The equivalent of the "Starving Student PC Kit" to help my personal portrait taking skills grow and to count myself as a "Strobist" (more of this in a separate link in the near future)...
    • 1 - Vivitar 285HV Shoe Mount Flash
    • 1 - 8ft. Air Cushioned Light Stand
    • 1 - 15ft. PC Extension Cord
    • 1 - Westcott (or equivalent) 43” Compact Umbrella - Silver
    • 1 - Rosco 8x10inch Color Correction Gel Pack (optional)
    • 1 - Bongo Elastic Ties (10 pack) ... If I can find something like these.
    • 1 - Umbrella Swivel
Hmmmm. I think I'll add to that list as I go along. I'll start on those tomorrow.

Anyway, my shift at TPC tomorrow is gonna end late. Might as well get as much sleep as I possibly can.


Manggy said...

Premature congratulations!! :) Any professional life is hard but if you get to do what you love, you're set for life. (Entertaining kids, though? Hmmmm... Oh, young minds tainted by Jason! Ha ha ha!)

tappy said...

hi :) is The Picture Company hiring as of the moment? thanks!