Sunday, June 3, 2007

Bulataos in Bohol Part 2: Tour of Bohol

The second day in Bohol saw us taking the land-based Bohol package tour, which had the following itinerary:
1) Blood Compact Site
2) Chocolate Hills
3) Man made forest (Drive Through)
4) Hanging Bridge
5) Loboc River Tour
6) DENR approved Captive Tarsier (exploitation) site
7) and 8) Baclayon and Daius Churches

We didn't quite follow it to the letter, making a stop in the middle of the man made forest on our way back from Choco Hills, and making a stop at the Loboc Church, inadvertently stepping in on the Loboc Children's Choir practice. All in all, it was a good day. Pictures in, more or less, chronological order. Click on images for bigger view:

Mom at the Blood Compact Monument

Parents at the Blood Compact marker

Marker details...

The much-talked about Chocolate Hills

Family Picture

Man made forest

Hanging Bridge

Buying a Tarsy

Loboc River Cruise / Lunch

At the DENR approved Captive Tarsier Sanctuary

Loboc Church

Loboc Church and Bridge...

Loboc Children's Choir

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