Monday, June 4, 2007

Bulataos in Bohol Part 3: Bulataos on and In the Water

I wasn't exactly as active, photographically, our third day in Bohol. While I took some photos using the C8080, it became quickly apparent that I had forgotten to do something important the night before: charge. I was able to take some video of dolphins with the remaining power though. I took photos using the C5000Z too, most of them were underwater. However, those were limited by the fact that I had left the camera in the sun while we were spending surface interval time at the Balicasag beach, and moisture from the thing inside the case evaporated, later condensing on the glass in front of the camera lens. After which, the memory card decided to malfunction in the middle of the 2nd dive. Oh well.

Excuses aside, I share available photos and video here, now.

Dolphin Spotting Video

Black Forest which was more like a garden...

A School of Lesser Baracuda

Nemo: Anemone Fish

Cat Fish


Manggy said...

Your family's cute. Love the clownfish-- ALMOST makes me want to go to the beach. Have you covered a wedding already?

jace_bu said...

hey manggy. yep. i have. three in fact, though not as primary photographer. haha. i think i'm a long way away from doing that. i've got one posted. took photos at irvin and mac's wedding. photos in my multiply.