Monday, June 18, 2007

Dinner at Uno Restaurant: Food Photography

I love food. Doesn't everyone? Well, most people I would imagine. I know a couple who photograph their meals before they eat them. At least they did that when I was on vacation with them. But food photography actually isn't all that simple. I discovered that much at a class I took via Jo Avila.

The basic food photography and food styling workshop was informative and fun. It was actually more food styling than photography, in terms of time spent doing what. It turns out that you don't actually cook the food all the way when you want to professionally take pictures of it. Everything is half-cooked. And man-handled and, in the end, inedible. But that's professional food photography. I won't pretend to be an expert at it, seeing as I lack the gear and the know how / practice as far as half-cooking anything on purpose. The closest I've come to food photography lately was at a birthday dinner for a friend at Uno Restaurant on a street perpendicular to Tomas Morato.

A note about Uno: This fancy place serves great food and sells incredible breads and cakes. They change their menu every so often so it's a good idea to come back several months after your first dining experience.

Chicken Spiedinni
(Skewered Chicken with Rosemary Achiote marinade served with Harissa Dressing)

Barbecued Pork Tenderloin
(Broiled brined Pork tenderloin glazed with pink guava barbecue sauce)

Dory Curry
(Filets of Dory Fish with Leek and Lemon Curry Sauce)

Wrasse Parmeggiano
(Fillet of Wrasse with a Parmesan and Oregano breading served with Mushroom Marinara Sauce)

I learned that you'd need at least two lights to to properly light a plate. I just bounced my flash off the ceiling for these shots. They worked pretty well I think


Manggy said...

Café UNO is my absolute favorite restaurant, hands down. I also got to meet Chef Jose Mari Relucio, who played a big role in my culinary endeavors. He's not a pastry chef but his carrot cake and cheesecake I fell in love with. (Sorry I may have surpassed you, though, master, when it comes to desserts... ha ha)

I'm not sure why you use Photobucket to host images. You can save time by uploading to Flickr and using the links found on the "All Sizes" button above an individual photo.

How do you find my photos? Yours pictures from Uno are good, considering the lighting. I recall they used to open for lunch, but since that's probably bad for business, maybe they don't anymore. Photoshop Curves are your friend.

CareShare Network said...

All of those meals look delicious.

jace_bu said...

yes they were! go and try them if you can before they change their menu again. :)

your baking superiority has yet to be proven. hehehe. let me judge. haha.