Saturday, June 2, 2007

Bulataos in Bohol Part 1: Travel and Resort Photos

Well, ok. I don't think any of these photographs would rate as high as, say, professional travel photogs' work, but since I was taking pictures while traveling to a region I don't frequent, I guess it should qualify as travel photography, don't you think? Apologies in advance though. Hehe.

At any rate, backgrounder on some of these pictures, our family, the five of us, went on vacation from the 27th of May to the 30th to celebrate our parents' wedding anniversary, as has become tradition. This year it was a trip to Bohol. Most of it was travel though, as we spent more than half of the first day getting to Bohol from home, and a similar amount of time during the fourth day getting home from Bohol.

Top Left: Brothers on Cebu Pacific Flight 5j 563 Manila to Cebu.

Top Right: One of many different forms (big and small) of public transport apparently available in Cebu.
Bottom Left and Right: Brothers on the SuperCat (2 hour ride)

For the duration of the stay there, we bedded down at Olman's View Resort. Personal review, not one of the best. Probably one of the cheaper ones, with airconditioned rooms, a pool, cable TV and a view of the Tagbilaran harbor (quite nice at night, though I took no pictures, sorry). However, considering that, while it was somewhat seaside (on a cliff), it had not beach access. Service wasn't all that nice and they required payment for lodging upon arrival. Only staff member who gave the best service was their driver, who took us on the land-based tour, fixed our room light, and gave us interesting bits of info about select areas around town.

Top Left: Cobbled driveway with Fish Fountain and (stagnant) Pond centerpiece.

Top Right: The view from the Restaurant, breakfast.
Bottom Left: Restaurant area
Bottom Right: Sandy volleyball area, lower level

This is Jing. He's a nice guy. Give him a call if you're in Panglao, and in need of a ride and a guide. Don't stay at Olman's though.

Dinner that first night was at the KFC a the Island City Mall. Sad, I know. But It was probably one of the better dinners we had there. Familiar, safe, and cheap.

Top Left: Giant Silver Mask for sale at Island City Mall.
Top Right: Giant Woven mask for sale.
Bottom Left: Family dinner at KFC
Bottom Right: No Testing... puwede na rin...

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