Thursday, May 12, 2011

DIY Ringlfash 2: buy and build it yourself from DIY Lighting kits / DIY Photography

Nearly a month after I posted an entry on a very work-intensive ring light, David Hobby (of strobist) comes out with another article featuring a more budget-minded-willing-to-spend-slacker-friendly DIY Ring Flash kit. And man does it look sharp (pun intended)!

For 25$ plus 8$ shipping, you can get your hands on this effective-looking device made out of  vinyl (and whatever reflective material that seems to be), bend, fold, snap and tape it together and have a clearly usable ring flash. For an additional 7.95$ (plus 0.50$ shipping), you can order the flash bracket, that attaches via a slot on the ring flash assembly and mounts the flash via rubber bands. How you trigger the flash is up to you. While I imagine that PT-04s would be enough, I think I'd spring for a TTL cable this time.

It's by no means as professional looking as the one I previously blogged about nor is it as pricey as the Orbis ring flash, but it sure looks nice and is cheap to boot. Upon reading the entry, I clicked through to the website and ordered myself a ring flash and bracket. When it arrives, you bet I'm going to post output. Talk about an impulse buy. Buyers remorse? As of this writing, none yet.

Check it out here. If you're driven to make your own purchase, well, you've been, um, warned... well informed... previously notified..

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