Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Photo Sharing:

Online photo archiving / sharing as a concept isn't exactly a new one. Some double as an online link source, others as galleries, and what have you. Others tell you that they'll let you upload as much as you can for free, but will only let you and others have access to your most recent uploads. There are always limits after all. 

One of the few ways you can avoid that is actually pay for the service. Photobin offers that, among other services.
   Their Photo Sharing service helps you create galleries with your hi-res files and show them off in a 3d wall style, very much like the Cooliris plug-in lets you do, but these galleries will have unique URLs and will feature your photos and yours alone. No ads.
   Have you got loads of old prints from long ago? No scanner at home? They've got a Photo Scanning service as well. Send them your prints, they'll scan them and upload them for you.
   Is someone you love celebrating a birthday soon? Have you got an embarrassing photo of them somewhere on you? Perhaps you'd like to give them some sort of Photo Gift to commemorate their turning a year older for all eternity? They've got that too. Turn your photos into mugs, totes, puzzles, mousepads, aprons, shirts and other meaningful gifts.

Don't take my word for it though. Try it out yourself. I'm going to see what it can do. There is a free trial after all.


Raul Gonzales said...

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jcb said...

Hi Raul,

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Mary said...

Hi there! This is really nice! Is there a way I can link this to MySpace account? I'd be waiting for your response. Thank you! More power to you and to your site.

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