Monday, March 12, 2012

before work photo-walk with my nifty "fifty"

i haven't been using my OM lenses recently. probably because most of my shots have been in low light environments that need flash, which would give me a focus assist light if my lens was auto focus. and since i dropped my brother off at work early last Sunday, i decided to take a short walk around the malls near work, and snap some pictures while running errands. 

regarding the title, while i do actually have a 50mm OM lens, since i'm using it on a 4/3rds body, the cropping factor (2x) turns that into a 100mm, so I decided to go with the 28mm. Easier to focus with it too. 

3 different subjects for the walk... lunch, desert and an alley.

chicken pork adobo (dry), tomato and red eggs, and boiled saging na saba)

soft serve icecream cone (20php) mega b basement

Saint Francis Alley (where the best and cheapest eats are)

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