Wednesday, December 8, 2010

More Lights, MORE POWER! > Dave Black and his 8 SB-900s

I've previously written about some sites that I wish I authored, or sites that I feel are great resources for anyone who's into photography. I try to regularly read the entries. While I tend to gloss over some entries because they may not apply to me or my situation or my preferred line of photography, I try to glean as much info as I can and apply them, when possible, to my photographic life.

I was reading through Strobist's Monday entry and I was blown away by the videos of this guy, Dave Black, who's using 8 sets of SB-900s, an SU-800 commander, one RadioPopper transmitter, two receivers, two FourSquares and two sets of Michael Bass fiber optic bundles (it'll be the first time I've encountered all of the names of those things save the SB-900s so I won't blame you for thinking "HUH??"). He uses those 8 speedlights as fill lights for action shots at distance. WOW. You can read the actual article, entitled "Hangin' Eight, with David Black" or watch the video below.

All I can say is WOW. And where the heck can I get a FourSquare and everything else??

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