Monday, December 20, 2010

Hot and Heavy Techlust UPDATE: Olympus E5

I was walking around the mall today after work (forgetting to do what I needed to, which was do actual shopping VS window shopping) when I happened across the Olympus promo booth in the 5th level of SM Annex. It seems like the newest in the E series of camera bodies has recently been launched. It's chunky, it's solid, and let me tell you, it's what I want! True, I said the same about the E3 way back when (about 2 years ago), but when technology moves forward, your tech-lust must move along with it.

I've only just read the preview at, and while the E-5 isn't leaps and bounds different than its predecessor, like the E-3 was with the E-1, it's a sensible enough upgrade. Key differences include a newer sensor (12.3MP vs. 10MP), a wider flip and swivel rear LCD, SD card storage instead of the harder to find XD, and movie mode (720p 30fps). You could say they took the advancements and changes that they made in the lower end models and applied it to the leader of the pack.

I want one. Anyone who loves me more than life itself can get me one of those for 85k pesosesoses, body only. However, if the E-3 suffers a drop in price because of its newer brother, I'd be happy with that too. Hahahahaha.
   The unit that they had for folks to handle had a 50-200 lens attached to it. I was surprised with the quality and the fact that it had an SD card instead of the usual Olympus XD option. I thought that the image quality was a bit dirty, and attributed it to the smudgy lens. When they demoed the video mode for me, I was like "why is it choppy?" but through my fiddling I discovered that the soft-focus quality and choppy vid was due to the art filters feature it has (a feature they took from the E-620 if I remember correctly). Art mode off, the video was decent.


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