Thursday, October 2, 2008

Workhorse Upgrade: E-410

To those who know me and / or read this blog semi-regularly, you probably know that I've been using two very functional point and shoots for my personal photography. Those who've had a personal relationship with those cameras know that they've served me well and have provided many an entertaining moment (particularly with the video recording function hehe). However, after so many years of experiencing their limitations, I've decided to upgrade. To do so, I had to say goodbye to one of my cameras, to my Olympus C-8080 WZ.

I've said good bye to the 8080's amazing versatility, it's video recording capability, it's comfortable bulk and all-in-one lens (all-in-one kasi wala ka naman talagang choice. hehe). And I've finally said hello to my first DSLR, the olympus E-410. :)
It's smaller than the 8080, and doesn't have your standard camera grip, which has made it challenging to handle and stabilize. However, it is lighter, faster, and since it is a dslr, I can, theoreticially if I had the lenses to do so, switch between the lenses to suit the situation. At present however I only possess the dual-lens kit lenses, which offers coverage from 14mm to 150mm (equivalent to 28mm to 300mm on 35mm set-ups). They aren't the fastest lenses, but they do the job (so far). I haven't really been able to take them out to shoot as I only got the whole thing recently (2nd hand from its first owner and in extremely good condition).

I'm actually pretty excited. I'm looking forward to the 3 weddings I expect to be going to within the coming 3 months. We'll see what it can do as far as events are concerned. :)

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