Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Baby Basket: Case Logic Digital Video Camera Bag available at Living Well Podium

I think most of you now know that I'm the proud owner of an E410 two lens kit. :) And it has dawned on me that I need a better carrying case.

I used to be able to carry my digicam around in a neat little pouch, or wrapped in thick cloth / one of my shirts and inserted in my bag. While that provided my C-5000-Z ample protection, and was relatively ok enough for the bulkier C-8080 WZ (though somewhat more difficult as its general shape was a bit awkward for any of the pouches I owned, and it occupied a lot of space in my already always full backpack), I couldn't bare to do that to my new baby. I'd been looking at camera bags since I got it but couldn't bring myself to spend the amount of money needed to buy something that would look good and do the job. Luckily though, on the way back to the store from the restroom (its a long walk) I decided to take a quick peak into Living Well at The Podium. Low and behold, amidst all the sale items, that which I needed appeared to me. :) at 50% off! :)

The Case Logic Digital Photo-Video Bag DC90 is an ultra-padded, weather-resistant Koskin case, has multiple accessory pockets, dividers for lenses and any other accessories, and fits a good sized video cam or a 35mm, which meant plenty of space for the E410! Sure, it's not quite ergonomic, like the ones I saw in Island Multi along Gamboa, however it costs 1/8th the price (what I was looking at cost something like 2500++ so you do the math), provides the space and protection that my gear needs. How could I pass it up?

Get yours today at Living Well in The Podium, while supplies last! :)
Reg Price php 655.00
Sale Price Php 327.50

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