Thursday, April 3, 2008

Monuments: Jose Rizal at Rizal Park

One of my recent entries had to do with setting personal projects as far as photography is concerned. I talked about possibly going around town to take pictures of monuments and iconic places. The other morning I was able to do just that. Here are some photos I took of the Rizal Monument at Rizal park, the surrounding views and statues, as well as the people who frequent / visit the area.

I don't think I've ever actually been to Rizal park. Or at least, I don't ever remember having gone there, even when I was younger. Basically, the trip there was very much like my first time, if it wasn't in fact my first visit ever.

I decided to park in front of the Museo Pambata (if I'm not mistaken). From there, I walked to the masonic clock which is across the road from Jose Rizal himself. My first few photos show the KM 0 marker and the clock itself.

KM 0 Masonic clock

I don't know who decided to make Manila, or this point in Manila the basis for distance to and from almost any location in the Philippines, but the marker says it all I guess. KM 0. The Masonic clock was put there basically because Rizal was a Mason, and because it was the centennial at the time. If you care to read the plaque, here's a magnified version.

Local Transpo / Caritela

Local Transpo2 / Caritela 2

Before crossing the road however, this Caritela driver and his horse spotted me and offered to drive me around. I said no politely as I intended to cross to take photos of the monument, but maybe I ought to reserve that ride for another day.



PedXing3 button

Crossing took me a bit of time because I was patiently waiting for the lights to change. There was, after all, a designated pedestrian crossing crosswalk, sign and stoplight. I stood there for quite a long time, with a couple of other would-be-park visitors. It became evident that the lights wouldn't change even after pressing the goshdarn button, so eventually we all did some Jay-walking.

Rizal Monument0 Rizal Monument1 Rizal Monument2

The above are pictures of the monument itself, as well as the honor guards watching over it.

I took more pictures, several of which merit their own blog entry. Check out yakaposo for my entry on professional roving photography. Others, which I haven't put up in this entry, shall go up soon, in a later entry.