Friday, February 29, 2008

"Lesson1" Know your Camera

I still can't get over how pretentious this all is. However, we've got to start somewhere. And this, my dear fellow photography enthusiasts, is where it should all begin.

While one can always get one's camera straight out of the box and try pointing it at anything at moves, clicking the shutter release and start taking pictures, such doesn't a good photographer make. First step should be to read the owners manual, as is with any sophisticated piece of equipment that anyone would dare to use. Getting to know your camera in this way allows for a more comprehensive understanding of what it can and can't do. At the very least, going through the owner's manual helps you differentiate between the myriad of buttons that any modern digital camera presents its owners with. Acquaint yourself with every button, lever, knob, wheel and switch your camera has so as not to lose yourself somewhere down the line.

You don't always have to read it from cover to cover though. I don't think anyone in their right mind could do so and come out an expert on their camera. But it really does help.

It's good to experiment with the actual unit while reading to really familiarize yourself with your newest toy and actually get an answer to the question "what does this button do?".

Read your user's manual yet? Know where all them buttons are? Go take some pictures and have fun for awhile. :)

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Manggy said...

I'd love to try this, but you have to give me a DSLR first ;)