Friday, May 8, 2015

Techlust: A7 Sports Action Cam via

It's been awhile

I can't believe that it's been nearly 2 years since I last took the time to blog about anything, much less anything related to Photography. I sincerely hope that, with this new toy, I will remedy that.

A7 Sports Action Cam

I haven't been able to take a good underwater shot for a long time, since my old Olympus C5000z retired. Since action cameras have been making waves lately, and because of's flash sales, I thought I'd try one out. I thought I'd try out the A7 HD sports cam. Bought the item last April 25 and the waiting began.

(photos from the Lazada page)

Lazada promised that it would be delivered by May 4 or 5. Low and behold, it arrived!

I present to you the A7 HD Sports Cam:

If looks are any indication of performance (yes, judging the book by it's cover), the A7 promises to be all that they say and more. Honestly, for how much it cost, I didn't hope for much. Looking at it now, seems like good bang for the buck.

It comes with the following in the box: The Action Camera with battery, a water proof case, an open open case with top and bottom tripod um... nuts, Helmet / curved surface ount with 3M double sided adhesive, bicycle handle mount, a couple of velcro straps (to help mount the curved mount to a bike helmet I assume), and a micro USB cable for power.

It's basically another GoPro Clone, albeit a rather low end one. According to the specs, still photos top out at 5MP (like the GoPro), but I doubt anyone will be using this thing just for stills. Video recording is available in either VGA 30fps or 720p 30fps. Storage is microSD, and it can accommodate from 4GB up to 32GB class 10 cards (which reminds me that I now need to purchase one of those too). No Wifi on this model as this is my first action cam and I opted not to splurge.

Here's a link to the Lazada item page.

Let me test it out and then I'll give a short review, and then feedback on the Lazada page.

*Note - I wrote this up the day I got it. Just posting it today. :-P Review to follow. 

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