Thursday, June 2, 2011

(Semi) Hardware and Ringflash Update: DIY Ringlfash arrived and assembled!

The notice came in the mail this morning! When I noticed it, my mind went blank. Forget that I have work in an hour. I went straight to the post office on the wave to pick up the parcel, with backpack in tow for transport. The size of the package surprised me (that's what she said) though. The stiff flat box, marked "DO NOT BEND" was maybe 2 A3s side by side. Plus I didn't have to pay the regular tax that Philpost usually charges me for may online shopping orders. Sweet!

Rode home as quick and carefully as I could to avoid bending the box or damaging it in transit. Opened it up, took a couple of photos for posterity, and left it lying on the bed for me to put together once I got home.

Once home, I set to work (after dinner of course) and followed the instructions step by step, lest i mess something up. I wasn't as clean as I thought I'd be though, but what the heck. :) Here it is all put together.

Took some time out to decide how to mount the flash bracket, or rather how to bend it as the instructions only had provisions for Canon and Nikon cameras, so I went with the midrange Canon choice. Sample photos of family members...

pop up flash...


ringlight + levels (not yet a master at this)

Ringlight + levels 


I mounted the ringflash on my camera using the bracket and a spare tripod plate. It makes for a bulky piece of  equipment though. I triggered the set-up with a PT-04, though I've just bought a TT:L cable via eBay which will make the whole experience a little more convenient and idiot proof. :)

Will post more photos when they are available. :)

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