Tuesday, February 1, 2011

PP: Tuesday Motorcycle Diary >> Monuments / Parks: QC Memorial Circle Dusk-Early Evening

Ok. That was a long title for a post. But basically you get the gist. After going there one night to jog and taking lo-fi photos using my phone, I decided to try and visit on my day off, to continue my Tuesday Motorcycle Diary plus Parks / Monuments / Significant public places personal project. I didn't go there early enough to take a tour and take photos using the afternoon light, but I've seen enough to know that I'm pretty sure I'm going back there again for a part two / 3.

Arrived at roughly 5pm. Paid the entrance / parking fee (5 pesos for motorcycle). Took a slow tour around the park's inner road using the wave, and found out that there's this huge playground called The Circle of Joy, and amusement park (which seemed, sadly, closed). Also found where you could rent bikes like they used to do. They actually have some sort of a garage for them. Photos next time though.

Decided to park and grab an icecream at this establishment...

I got the Queso Queso (18 pesos)

As the sun had begun going to bed, I walked to point where I could see both the fountain and the Quezon Memorial shrine and started taking photos there. 

A bunch of kids decided to chat me up and take a look at the LCD of my camera while I was taking photos, at times running in front of the lens to get into the shot. I indulged them in a couple of frames. 

recomposed and took several shots. GIF-ed them...

Finally, took some long exposure shots. 

Mostly took shots of the light show. As you can see the monument is lit up with what I can only assume to be HID LEDs, changing color every so often. The fountain's water works are supposed to correspond to the music that's played in that area as well. 

Notes for those who want to visit:
  • It gets pretty cold and windy this time of year so bring a jacket.
  • The park is closed from 12 to 4pm. Which makes sense. Who wants to walk around in lunch time heat anyway? (My Mistake. It's closed from 12mn to 4am. Goofy me.)
  • There are restaurants in the area, namely Max's, Chicken Inasal, Tropical Hut and New Kamameshi House. There are other stalls that sell food and other items in the loop leading from where the restaurants are though.

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