Thursday, January 27, 2011

walk-jog in QC Memorial circle

Its been ages since i'd last been to the memorial circle. Inspired by my cardio trainer app, and bored with just walking up and down our street for exercise, i decided to go visit one of the of the most prominent parks in the city. I took a few photos too but with my phone so i won't promise quality.

Hmmmm. Using bloggerdroid for this entry so i'm not sure how i'm gonna add the photos. Oh well.

One of my past entries talked about starting your own personal photography projects. One of those for me was visiting and documenting our country's parks. I didn't take enough photos or do much in the way of planning or prep so this is going to just be a preview of what is to come. I'm pretty sure i'm gonna make this a weekly thing.
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UPDATE: added photos. Wasn't able to figure out blogger droid before pressing send. Hehe. Also posting what I had for dinner after the jog. :) Started out healthy enough. OH WELL. :D

large tuna garden salad (75 pesos)

with ranchero burger vm (105 pesos) pfffft.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I saw your post about working at the picture company. Diba they require portfolios sa applicants? I just want to know what kind of photos they want to see, like I have portraits but not everything was done in a studio. Do they prefer na studio-style yung pagkakuha or parang candid lang? Aww sorry sa istorbo, I really want to apply.

jcb said...

hey! thanks for passing by. just present what you have. they don't look for anything in particular. most of my photos weren't studio-based so that's fine. do email your resume to good luck!