Monday, March 1, 2010

Techlust: Noktor Hyperprime 50mm f/0.95 lens... I WANT

Let's dispense with the normal "Hi everyone, I know I haven't been writing in awhile" greetings and get down to the meat of this entry yeah?

Meet the NOKTOR Hyperprime 50mm f/0.95 lens. I WANT ONE!

Probably one of the fastest lenses on the market today, Noktor's newest (and first) product opens up at an f-stop of 0.95. [The fastest lens I've ever owned is an Olympus OM 50mm with a max aperture of 1.8. But since it's an OM and needs an adapter to fit on my E-410, it ends up giving me a field of view equivalent to a 100mm lens because of the 2x crop-factor.]
The Noktor HyperPrime is designed for the Micro Four Thirds line (so sadness on my part). It's also got manual aperture and focus controls so the trigger-happy folks will really have to work at focusing their shots first, specially in low-light where this lens finds its home. Can you imagine the depth of field on this thing though? Wait, don't imagine. Check it out!

The following are sample photos found on the site's gallery.

If only I had me one of these and a Micro Four Thirds body to go with it. At the moment though, it will cost you quite a pretty penny to own one. They're set to ship this April at $750 SRP a pop.

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