Friday, August 15, 2008

Photography Paths (and some shameless plugging)

First of all, I've to apologize for the erratic nature of my blogging life. :) I haven't been really able to follow through with many or any of my personal projects, and I guess that's the price one pays for being dedicated to one's craft. Being a kiddie portrait photographer slash child entertainer isn't quite as easy as it sounds. It's fun though, to be sure. :) (If you happen to be reading this blog entry and are interested and the above job, you can check out the site).

If portrait photography and kids aren't your cup of tea, there's loads of other photography-avenues to travel. There's landscape photography, Product Photography, photo journalism, Events, and wedding photography among others (beyond this small list, I cannot think of any more, but that just goes to show what little I know, doesn't it?:p)

Of all of the above, aside from kiddie portrait photography, I could say I've had experience with products, some events and weddings. The first was when I had to take pictures of the items we sold when Neng and I had our jewelry business, as well as when I apprenticed at one Makati-based commercial photography studio. My events photography experience has been earned basically at work-related events and parties. My experience with photographing weddings is basically limited to the weddings of friends I've been invited to and have attended.

Personally, I've found that while product photography can be fun, in the way that I've been exposed to it, it can get a little tedious. I think I do good work however, with what little I've been able to do (look for tikanchay on multiply, or check out the albums in my multiply).
The events that I've been able to cover so far have been limited to company-held events, in the different places I've previously and am now working at. I've covered sports-fests, school assemblies and activities, office parties and the like. All of which have me in an environment and with people that and who are basically familiar to me. In being a wedding photographer however, it hasn't been quite as easy.
While I've been fortunate to know most people who were invited to one or two of the weddings I've attended, my comfort level as a wedding photographer slash guest hasn't been high in any of these occasions, which limits the opportunity for kodak moments that I allow myself to take advantage of. It takes a special kind of kapal to do that with so many strangers in front of so many other strangers, particularly if you happen to be the bride or groom's wedding guest too.

But anyway, that's just me. While I fumble around to find my identity and purpose as a photographer, I will continue to take kick-ass (and by this I mean adorable and memorable and priceless) photos as a kiddie portrait photographer at The Picture Company at Podium.

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